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Monday, February 20, 2017

skin moisturizer

Products for Skin Moisturizing cream face and a nice face, can prevent skin oily, dry, become blotchy. so the selection of such products is also important. Specialist Doctors Dermatology Clinic Medika Sakti, Dr. Tina Ward Wisesa SpKK (K), recognizes the importance of using a facial moisturizer. Because, according to a facial moisturizer needed by the skin to maintain skin structure and function of various external factors such as dry air, air conditioning, sun, wind, and the age factor.

Besides, a moisturizer also reform fat on the surface of the skin so the skin becomes smooth, supple, and reduce water evaporation from the skin cells. "The function of facial moisturizer that prevents dryness and skin damage caused by external factors and make the skin more supple and glowing," he said. , He explained that in general women are recommended to use facial moisturizers are women over the age of 30 years. To be more fitting, he uses a good facial moisturizer separately:

skin moisturizer - Regular. Tina suggested, facial moisturizer regularly used regularly in the morning, afternoon or evening after cleansing. However, in certain skin conditions, for example the skin is very dry or air-conditioned work environment, it is recommended to use a facial moisturizer although age before 30 years.

skin moisturizer - Appropriate types of skin. Choosing a good facial moisturizer should be tailored to your skin type. For example, for normal skin, you should use a moisturizing base material in the form of a cream or lotion. As for dry skin, you should use a moisturizing base material in the form of a cream. Whereas for oily skin, you should use the basic ingredients moisturizing gel or lotion. Also use an oil-free facial moisturizer (oil free), and non-comedogenic. The use of a moisturizer on oily skin is considered especially when often in an air conditioned environment.

skin moisturizer - Check the content of moisturizer. In addition based on skin type, choose a facial moisturizer should also be based on the content of the facial moisturizer. According to him, for the content of moisturizer should consist of a variety of vegetable oils, animal oils, and synthetic oils. The contents, in principle, be able to form fat artificial surface so rough and dry skin will be moist, soft and supple. In addition, sometimes a moisturizer plus substances as required, such as some vitamins, sunscreen, deodorant, until antikerut.

skin moisturizer - As per bag. With a variety of brands and types of moisturizers, you can drop the selection is also based on the funds available. Look for a moisturizer that is also in accordance with your financial capabilities. Do not force yourself to buy an expensive moisturizer affordable when it suits the skin.

Monday, January 23, 2017

tanning sunbathe safely

The holiday season arrives, it's time you relaxed sunbathing at a favorite beach. Usually some people like to sunbathe to get visible skin effect 'tan'. Tanning in itself is a process of darkening of skin color obtained from basking in the sun. Some people do this to get an exotic dark skin color. However you need to know the proper ways that must be done when doing this tanning to avoid sun burn or skin cancer.

  • Apply tanning product through the sponge and smeared throughout the body. 
  • Do not spray it directly from her spray bottle. 
  • Ask for help from others to apply the tanning product to a part of your back. 
  • Try spraying it within 3 cm of the skin. 
  • Do not do waxing or exfoliating at least 7 days prior to tanning to avoid skin irritation. 
  • Do not apply beauty products containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that would make your skin more sensitive when tanning. 
  • Do not apply the tanning product on the bikini area, because the product will not be absorbed better in that area. 
  •  Keep using sunglasses and headgear while doing tanning. For additional tips, avoid tanning is done in the machine or an enclosed space. Several studies over prove that tanning beds can lead to cancer

Monday, December 26, 2016

how to eliminate black spot

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars Naturally, face problems that are often experienced by most people is acne. Acne problems often complained about by many people because in addition to acne its disturbing appearance, acne scars was often left scars even certain black spots are stubborn. Of course, if the black spots is not immediately eliminated, would make a face like a dull appearance and make you less confident. Not infrequently various carapun done so that black spots acne scars disappear, from starting to use drugs even facial cleansing operation. However, it does of course require no small cost. Therefore the natural way is also commonly used as an alternative to medical treatment in removing black spots and other acne scars on the face.

How to Eliminate Black Spots Acne Scars Naturally. In addition to problems at the time of acne growing on your skin, acne scars on your face that there may be a reminder of where the acne scars remind section next to where you've acne. If this happens on your face do not worry, this was not the acne scars will be permanent if you try to remove acne scars and dark spots so that within a certain time acne scars and dark spots can disappear immediately. Of course, its use must be consistent, because it may not be lost in a few hours or a few days. image Illustration One of the main ways in addition to medical care, and medicine from the pharmacy, you can also use natural ingredients and traditional to remove acne scars this. As quoted from wikiHow, below is a way to remove acne scars naturally using traditional materials, see the full description!

1.) Water Lemon Juice
One of the main treatments that are believed either to remove acne scars is to use lemon juice. You only need one lemon is still in a fresh state, then you squeeze the lemon, then add about one cup of water. After that you can use it on your acne scars area topically for approximately 3-4 minutes. By doing it this way consistently every day, will benefit transform and remove dead skin and will encourage the growth of new skin cells that ultimately acne scars on your face over time will look faded. Alternatively you can use are: You can use the net towel then dipped in a mixture of lemon juice, and then you paste the towel on the part of your skin. After using this method, make sure you always moisturize your skin back, because this lemon water can irritate dry skin.

 2.) Honey
Honey has many health benefits including the problem on acne. Not only can treat acne scars acne sendiiri alone but also can be cured with honey. The soft nature of honey on the skin can reduce redness and irritation in the skin. Besides anti-bactery content in honey can reduce of acne scars along with dark stains. Plus honey can moist skin and makes the skin softer. You do this by using a bit of honey is applied directly on the skin of acne scars at night, then in the morning you can clean it up.

3.) Rose Hip Oil
What it rose hip? Rose hip is the fruit of several types of roses. This oil is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants to keep the skin to remain smooth and healthy. Although still in the evaluation phase, the use of rose hip oil has been proven effective in eliminating scars, acne scars and improve existing black spots on the skin. When used regularly, stains and scars in a certain tempo will fade and be disguised. You can use rose hip oil is by massaging gently on the skin of the scar with a routine once or twice a day.

4.) Olive Oil
Natural and traditional materials are often used to eliminate acne is olive oil. The content of vitamin E in olive oil can be a natural healer. How using it is easy enough to simply massaging olive oil on the scars caused by acne, you can use it several times a day.

5.) Oil Vitamin E
The treatment is effective in removing acne one of them is vitamin E oil which has properties that can moisturize and quite extraordinary. Vitamin E oil on the skin you can use 2 s / d 3 times a day and see the results within 2 weeks.

Monday, November 21, 2016

tips for wrinkle skin

How to Tighten Skin Wrinkles Naturally, usually one of the main characteristics or symptoms of skin aging are wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. Of course it can be slowed down so that the skin no wrinkles, can be tight back and the skin will look healthy and appear more youthful . Sagging skin and wrinkles occur naturally due to ordinary aging process it can happen in both men and women. However, wrinkled skin can also be caused by other factors, such as smoking, sun, dehydration, malnutrition, pregnancy and weight loss in a short time and even stress and pollution due to the environment can make the skin having problems including premature aging.

To overcome this, there are several ways to tighten skin naturally you can do. Although not as fast as a treatment using advanced technology, the ways below somewhat more secure and durable.

1.) Avoid losing weight too fast
Doing strick diet accompanied by heavy exercise can lower a person's weight in a short time. It does seem fun, but unfortunately the weight loss in fair rapidly effect on other organs, including the skin. When the fat disappear in a short time, not only the health of the body is shaken, but also the muscles that contribute to grip the skin will disappear. Therefore, if you want to lose weight , do regular, gradual and consistent.

2.) Avoid dehydration
Water is very important for every organ of the human body, including to keep the body from dehydration. When the skin is dehydrated, the skin will sag and dull. Conversely, if you consistently consume water, about 2 liters per day, the skin will look more radiant and maintain skin elasticity.

3.) Use salt water
There are many causes of wrinkles or slack, one of which is the disruption of the growth of collagen in the skin. It is commonly caused by the presence of impurities and toxins are attached to the skin tissue. To fix this, you can give a few spoonfuls of salt in the water to be used for bathing. Later this salt water will tighten the skin on the abdomen and other body parts.

4.) The consumption of nutritious foods
 There are many healthy foods that can reduce skin looseness, while maintaining the elasticity of the skin itself. Among the most powerful influence is the food of fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries, oranges, avocados and peppers. The fresh fruits and vegetables if consumed regularly can help the formation of collagen to tighten the skin, especially those in the abdomen.

Monday, October 24, 2016

benefits of sun bathing

All you need to know that the sun like the Caucasians it is very important to enhance the health. Sunlight has antibacterial and antifungal properties and the amount of vitamin D for the body. If you are sunbathing you will feel a sense of warmth from the sun. However, if you know, if you're sunbathing will be illuminated by many light types, as described below:

1. Visible Ray(white light) - The white light of the sun is composed of seven different light colors, as seen in rainbow. Each color has a specific effect on the body.

2. An infra-red rays - These rays provide warmth. these rays can soothe muscles, reduce swelling and relieve pain.

3. A ultra-violet rays - These rays are important. Vitamin D is produced in the body by the action of ultra-violet rays that fall on skin. Sunlight is actually the best source of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency causes bone disease known as' rickets. Not only the skin, but the whole body also needs sun rays. benefits to improve health and increase the strength of the resistive body.

 Another benefit of the sun
1. Sunlight helps nourish the muscle. If the skin is the lack of sunlight, the muscles tend to weaken and degenerate.
2. Sunlight is good in the formation of bones and teeth as well as good for hair growth.
3. Blood pressure to be down, and the kidneys become more efficient.
4. By the action of sunlight, skin diseases will be cured, and make wounds healed more quickly.
5. Sunlight maintain and increase the amount of alkali in the blood.
6. If a pregnant woman sunbathing on a regular basis, he will feel a relief to eliminate discomfort during pregnancy such as fatigue, back pain, and nausea.

How to do sunbathing well and healthy? The following will be phrased how good sunbathing

 1. Soak very well done for a half hour. If the skin is already uncomfortable or feels already very hot, it means that there is an indication of too much sunlight, so now you are advised to stop and take a bath.

2. After sunbathing, you should immediately cool bath, or body wipe with a cloth that is compressed beforehand with cold water.

 3. It is recommended to sunbathe in the morning or afternoon only. Do not let the sun during the day because it will actually cause disease in the skin. recommended hour : 6 AM - 9 AM.

 4. When the sunbathe, it is better if you consume water, to avoid dehydration

That's a little info about the benefits of sunbathing as well as tips on how to sunbathe well. Hopefully the skin as well as your body has become healthier and hopefully this info useful.