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Monday, July 25, 2016

healthy skin while outdoor

How To Stay Healthy Skin While Being in Outdoor
Then how to cope with skin dull and unhealthy skin due to too many outdoor activities? This question is very common and is becoming a question that want a solution to the problems experienced. We have prepared the following information on how to clean the skin to be more healthy and smooth way that is easy and simple.

 1. Masks eggs
If you are often located outdoors and want a healthy skin, try to get used to using an egg mask. Used is the white part of the egg. Because the protein and other nutrients are excellent for keeping skin, especially the face in order to stay healthy and avoid other skin problems. The way is to use egg whites as a mask and rinse after half an hour.

 2. Water
 As described in the cause of dullness and unhealthy one that makes this situation is due to lack of water in the body. And when you consume water in large quantities you can reduce the risk. Water can help delay the signs of aging and make a fresh face.

 3. Reduce activity at night
 If you are tired of working especially those outside the room, it's good if you do not sleep too late or even continue the work until late at night. These bad habits can make your skin is not healthy. Sleep and adequate rest can help the skin to rejuvenate skin cells and remove dead skin cells.

 4. Mask of aloe vera 
For you who do have jobs outdoors, must be heat-panasan and dust. You can reduce such pollution by using a mask of aloe vera. Take lidha crocodile, wash and cut into two. Take aloe vera gel and then rubbed on your skin. With this simple way but would be good if you regularly do. Because there are many benefits and nutrients that are really good for skin health.

 5. Avoid Depression
Usually a woman is much more susceptible to stress compared to men. So one of the causes of unhealthy skin is stressed or depressed. If you are easily stressed and depressed much less of the heavy work dilura room, then do not blame if your skin more wrinkles and dull.

6. Using a cap
When you work outdoors and exposed to hot sun, ad abaiknya when you always wear a hat to protect your face and hair. Use sunglasses that can also reduce the effects of solar heat and use a jacket that will protect your skin so it is not easy to get dirty and dull. So easy and simple way that you can do to cope with unhealthy skin, especially for outdoor activities as well as of other things that did not make skin more healthy.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

tanning skin naturally

The darker, more exotic. Lately, tanned or darker skin color edang a trend among woman who recently appeared in public with her ​​brown skin because it has done a tanning treatment or so-called "Tanning". Previously, we find out first what the heck Skin Tanning it? Skin Tanning is a method to change the color of the skin of the original skin color becomes darker skin or brown.

How getting a tan? There are several methods used to obtain exotic brown skin, including tanning natural and unnatural manner.

 Tanning naturally, to bask in the sun for several hours to get a tan. However, the sun effectively done no more than one hour. Because the skin is exposed to sunlight for too long can make the skin burn. In addition, sunlight piercing into the skin surface may be at risk of developing skin cancer. Before the sun you should use sun block to reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun and after natural tanning you should use a moisturizer or moisturizer.

 The second method of tanning using a tanning bed is located in a beauty salon or home. This method is practical and fast, by entering the body into a special box in which include bed and fluorescent lamps that emit light in the ultraviolet spectrum that resembles natural daylight. At the time of tanning, you get into the box without wearing clothes that tanning results evenly throughout the skin. However, in the box you are required to wear eye protection. To power the lights and the duration of tanning, depending on the circumstances of each skin. Because this process is done instantly, then the dangers arising will be much greater. There are even some people who use complained of pain.

 In the United States, tanning like this is forbidden for those who were 18 years old and less than 18 years. The third method is a method Spray Tanning, this method is performed by spraying liquid brown color (as you wish) to the entire skin surface evenly to the skin color changes to brown. This method is considered the most secure, although the results are not permanent could only last 5 to 7 days.

 So, Tanning Safe or Not? Whatever your efforts to change your skin becomes darker or white, it is not the correct method to treat your skin. The skin needs nourishment and good care, not to change it by force. So the only disease to be obtained. If you do intend to do t anning, make sure you do a safe way and still consider the risks to be obtained.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

natural healthy face masker

Treating the face so white and clean and healthy is not easy, but also not so difficult. Many ways facial treatments that can be done with beauty products that can be obtained easily. But of course treat the face with natural materials is preferable because it is relatively safer than using chemical-based products. Well, after I give you information about how to care for oily face , this time I will share information about how to care for the face to be white, clean and healthy. And of course, using natural materials ancestral heritage. Doing Steam Facial Perawatan Wajah In the past when women did not go to the spa and salon for treatment because it is expensive and the number of salons as well not as much now. But the old woman is not desperate, they perform their own steam or evaporation. The way is also very easy, boiled water and insert slices of lemon or cucumber. Then bring the hot water to the face. Perform this treatment regularly for 10-20 minutes every week. Steam helpful face to avoid clogged pores and cleanse your skin of impurities such as dust. Steam also helps you to avoid the problem of acne is the result of leftover makeup or other residue buildup from staying outdoors during the day. Natural Face Masks Products available in the supermarket is not 100 percent natural. We recommend using fresh ingredients such as strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and apricots. Mash one of the fruits thereof, plus two tablespoons of yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. Refrigerate this mask for one or two hours. Apply the mask cold earlier in your face, leave on for ten minutes and then rinse the face. This traditional treatment makes the face radiant and luminous. Here are some natural ingredients that serve as a face mask and you can try to make yourself at home: 1. Lotus Take the best of lotus petals. Mash until smooth petals and mix with honey and milk to make a paste. Use this paste once a week to brighten your skin naturally. 2. Oranges Oranges are very good to lighten dark spots on the skin. All you need to do is make a powder of dried orange peel. Add a few drops of milk powder to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the face and neck. Rinse with cold water after dry. 3. Apples To get glowing skin in 10 days, the apple porridge mixed with one tablespoon of honey. Apply evenly to the face and leave for 15 minutes until dry. Rinse with rose water. 4. Strawberries Puree strawberries and apply on face. Let stand for 10 minutes and then rinse with rosewater. This face mask helps improve skin tone so it makes you look more radiant. 5. Cucumber The best way to make your skin look bright is to use cucumber and honey mask. Apply the mask on the face and neck once a week to get the desired results. 6. Honey If you want to look younger and brighter, use honey mask on the face. Add the lemon juice into it. Apply on face and neck, then rinse off when dry. 7. Aloe vera Aloe vera is very good for the skin. It helps reduce blemishes and remove wrinkles on the face. Massage your face with fresh aloe vera every night before you sleep. Okay, it was he some how to care for the face to be pure white and healthy with natural ingredients. Please try and practice at home on a regular basis.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

how to take care face naturally

How to Take Care Face Natural, Easy, and Healthy How to care for the face naturally can make skin beautiful and fresh. Actually you do not need to use a variety of cosmetics to beautify the face, because with countermeasures are natural and you will get a facial routine healthy natural glow. Basically many outstanding cosmetics made from natural ingredients, either to brighten the face or preventing acne. So why do not you try it directly with natural ingredients from nature? If the direct natural ingredients actually are not mixed chemicals that damage the skin. As a way of taking care of the face naturally you must consider several things, of care without the use of natural materials through the use of natural materials. For facial treatments without the use of natural ingredients you can do such as regular exercise at least 30 minutes every day, take a walk or jog can too. Then you should avoid stress. It is inevitable that the good life pressures of work, school, or neighborhood often make us feel depressed, but try to live a more relaxed so as not easily stressed. When stress the body will secrete certain hormones and secrete more oil in advance so that pimples and blackheads easily arise. Do relaxation or breathing set. Diligent wash your face with clean water or with soap containing ph balanced, especially after a long day. Then how to treat facial with natural ingredients? Understand this article once! How to Take Care in Natural Face with Natural Ingredients How to treat the face with natural materials is by utilizing what is around us. First, do not forget the white water. White water has an important role to maintain the health of the body, facilitate digestion and kidney performance, also play a role in the framework as a way of treating facial skin naturally. Routine-rutinlah drinking water. It is advisable to drink about 1.5 liters per day. The white water contains antioxidants that are good for the body.

Monday, June 27, 2016

ritual before bedtime

Ritual Beautiful BEDTIME! - To look beautiful and youthful look is the desire by everyone, especially for the women . Many ways they have taken to get it from herbs to drugs that contain chemicals, some even willing to spend a lot of money for plastic surgery. Though there is an easier way and more efficient way of doing that is by 4 beauty ritual before bedtime. Definitely not you curious? to see what it was four beauty rituals before going to bed, let go read!

 4 Ritual Beautiful BEDTIME! What's Ritual Beauty Before Bed? When viewing the title of this article may occur to your mind, that article I wrote an article that relates to mystical things and misleading. In fact, do you know, what I mean by ritual here are just some collection of tips that should be done, so that we look beautiful and youthful. Actually, this ritual should really be done by men so that faces appear brighter and not pretty hehe. The following 4 Ritual Beauty mandatory inner pal do if you want to look beautiful and youthful:

 1. Clean Face
Clean your face before going to bed it was very beneficial, one of which is to clean the remnants of make-up, dust and also kringat which attached on the skin of the face. Because if the remnants of make-up, dust and kringat still clinging to your skin and then carried to bed, then the skin regeneration process will be hampered. In fact there will be problems on the skin, such as acne, facial skin reddened and itchy. Well, there are Islamic religious daam called tahajud sunna prayer, and if you are diligent tahajud especially diligent praying 5 times a day, I am sure you will look more beautiful and youthful.

2. Brushing Teeth
 Uh oh why should brush their teeth, what to do? Yep possible if we think about it in passing, the beauty of women is less to do with brushing your teeth. But you try to banyangkan, what would happen if there was a beautiful woman, but her teeth are not healthy for instance teeth yellow, perforated, perforated or toothless hehe. Corrupted beauty, well before it happened began to brush your teeth regularly from now on. For inner buddy who wants to know how to whiten teeth quickly and naturally, my friend can read previous articles about the " 11 Powerful Ways Whiten Teeth "

 3. Use Moisturizing Night Cream
At night, we will usually sleep, sleep well, if we're not perhaps while eating or drinking. As a result, the skin will dry out due to lack of fluids. So we can use a moisturizing cream to moisturize the skin surface when we sleep.

 4. Use the Mask
 Well, for the last tips that we are obliged to wear a mask. But here I advise you to use a natural mask. The reason for that is more secure, perhaps inner buddy was already in the know, that naturally it is usually safer and more efficient are not only safe course hehe. Well, if my friend inner yet know how to make a natural mask, please read the previous article on " How to Make Easy Mask Experience! " To obtain maximum results, of course, it takes a process and you have to melakukann regularly. Because this is not a magic ritual and is not magic, which can eliminate something quickly.