Paris Hilton skin care product

Once the success of its flagship product perfume, Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton is now planning to share her beauty secrets with the launch of a collection of skin care products.

As reported by Contactmusic.com, Monday (25 / 4), heir to the king of luxury Hilton hotel chain that will work by company's leading product kencatikan to create a variety of creams and lotions which he expected to be launched next few months.

Beware of premature aging of the 30s

Beware of premature aging of the 30s
Premature aging is a common problem that often occurs on the skin at the age of 30. Natural collagen production begins to decline. As a result, the skin wrinkles begin to smooth and relax because no longer elastic.

Getting Rid of Burn Scars Naturally

Burns a dilemma? Especially scars are in areas which srtategis in your body, such as faces, arm or leg. Most people wanted to destroy burns with the operation and care of skin, but it is also a consideration which is difficult, given the cost and safety of products used.

You can use Aloe vera, to overcome these problems, Aloe vera is very powerful for the problem on this one, because with the sap of aloe vera, burn scars which you have can fade away by itself ...,,
How to ....??
Aloe vera sap that you can apply on the affected skin burns, routinely until the burn scars to fade away.
Getting Rid of Burn Scars Naturally this is highly recommended for those of you which worry if you lack confidence when using prodak-prodak which made ​​from chemicals which can damage your skin tissue.

vegetable for your facial skin

Caring face or make your face look smooth, clean is very important, so do not be surprised because a lot of figuring out how to smooth the facial skin, moreover how to whiten facial skin. Many people doing efforts with treating at beauty salons. Caring face can actually be done with natural products like fruits. Fruits in addition beneficial to nourish our bodies, apparently fruits has a very useful advantages. Fruit growth was also able to make our face to be beautiful naturally. Here are some fruits that can beautify your face.

Apple fruit suitable be used for your face which oily. The trick: took 1 apple, then cut into pieces and input into the blender. Blend until smooth apples without using water. Once blended smeared evenly on your face. prior to caress, you should wash your face first. after dibalur, let stand for 20 minutes. Then wash your face with warm water and cold water to sum ​​up the pores. Do it once a week.

Orange peel
In addition to delicious eaten fruit, it turns orange peel can be helpful to your face. Especially for your face which dull. The trick prick-puncture skin orange premises fork, and put orange peel in warm water and soak for one night. Basuhkan on the face that has been in the clear and then dry with a towel. Serves to remove impurities and dead skin cells.

Papaya Fruit
Papaya can be useful to rejuvenate your skin, mash which ripe papaya and mix 1 tablespoon of honey. Spread on your face and let stand for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Papaya is able to lift dead skin cells and prevent wrinkles on the face. If you want maximum results use once a week.

Melon Fruit
Melon can cool your sun-baked skin. Thin slices of melon and kompreskan for 20 minutes on your face which has been in the clear, then rinse. Melon fruits contain compounds that are useful as a tonic astrigent and able to cool which burned face in the sun.